Getting your Craft CMS website ready for production

Image transforms everywhere

The UI for creating a new image transform in Craft CMS.

Adding SEO fields

How we organise blog entry types.

Making it (even) faster

Disabling settings changes in production

<?phpreturn [
// Global settings
'*' => [
'omitScriptNameInUrls' => true,
'cpTrigger' => 'admin',
'securityKey' => getenv('SECURITY_KEY'),
'useProjectConfigFile' => true,
'sendPoweredByHeader' => false,
'defaultImageQuality' => 77
// Dev environment settings
'dev' => [
'devMode' => true,
// Production environment settings
'production' => [
// Prevent administrative changes in production
'allowAdminChanges' => false,
'allowUpdates' => false


Entrepreneur tech kid, co-founder of NearSt, Londoner, open source enthusiast and aspiring spare time literature geek.

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