How I manage agency projects

I’ve both worked in classic startup environments, where you typically work on one or two big products, and agency environments where there’s anywhere between 5 and 25 ongoing projects at any time.


First some background: we’re a small agency based in Amsterdam, developing mobile applications for iOS and Android, as well as bespoke web applications. My colleague Dante and I both work full time on managing projects and doing some of the design and development work. We’re surrounded by a team of part-timers and contractors, made up of designers and React Native, iOS, Android and web developers. Nearly all of them work remotely.

The tool belt

Weekly overview

Big picture

Project boards


We’re constantly iterating this structure with the team and our customers.

Entrepreneur tech kid, co-founder of NearSt, Londoner, open source enthusiast and aspiring spare time literature geek.

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