What I learned this week (Week 14, 2019)

It can be frustrating as an entrepreneur that your personal wellbeing is often so entangled with how well your company and team are doing. Equally, however, when the company is doing well, there’s such an air of fulfilment and tranquility around everyone and everything.

For me, that often feels even more complex, because if it’s going really well in one of the companies I’m part of, somewhere else there’s usually a fire that needs to be put out. Total peace is rare.

This Friday evening, however, it feels like everything is in a perfect state. I feel comfortable switching off my phone when my flight lands this evening and enjoying the weekend.

So, on to what I learned this week:

  • Company culture and building teams is super complex. You can’t force a certain culture, but you can certainly gather a group of likeminded people and now and then give them a gentle push in the right direction. As long as everyone feels like they have their own distinct place in the team and have something to contribute, they will be motivated to work toward a common goal and collaborate with each other.

Entrepreneur tech kid, co-founder of NearSt, Londoner, open source enthusiast and aspiring spare time literature geek.

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